Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fifth Anniversary: Thank You, Readers

Five years ago today I took the advice of a friend who one day off-handedly said, “You ought to start a blog.” Setting up the blog was so simple I had done it before I realized it.  A few key strokes, and there it was: I was “on-line."

When some folks retire, they say they experience a void and do not know what to do with their lives. Writing essays for Reading the Short Story has solved that potential problem for me. I continue to do everything I did during the forty years of teaching at University. I read, I study, I think, I write, I communicate with others. 

Although I do miss the personal contact with students, I have no desire to impose the image of my aging body on their consciousness and resist the temptation to go back into the classroom.  My mind, which, so far, refuses to age, (I hope) is always what I had to offer.

In my first blog, I said that I have been called the short story’s most enthusiastic cheerleader. I can ask no more than to remain a spokesman for the form.

I offer my gratitude to all those who have read my essays these past five years.  I hope to make it worth their while to continue reading them.  I have no intention to cease.


Richard L. Pangburn said...

Well, congrats. Keep up the good work. We're reading season stuff now, and we're grateful.

Ray said...

Congratulions. This is by far one of my favorite blogs.

Martin said...

Thanks for keeping going and keeping me going!

Lee said...

We, your readers, are the ones to be grateful! Thank you.